Great Collectors

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Great collectors come in all shapes and sizes, having different tastes and different ways in which they acquire art. Some collect a few pieces a year, and others are always in search for a piece that catches their eye. I have met many collectors over the past eight years or so, and have found each one interesting, and of course I am honored that they want my work.

One collector that has elevated my work is Peter Klein, who with his wife Alison have amassed one of the most significant art collection in the world today. In fact Peter and Alison were listed in the top 200 art collectors in the world in Art News Magazine. Art News article here.

Since meeting Peter and Alison, they have been collecting my work, and have (as of this writing) 22 pieces, 18 of which are in Germany in the Kunstwerk Museum, and 4 which are in their personal home collection. Man With Hat was the first to be acquired, and I believe a favorite of this collector.

I was honored by this in and of itself, but then I was further honored by having my work on their walls for six months for the “Ankommen” Show. The word means “Arrive.” A link to the museum here.

Here is a photo of Peter and I taken in NY in front of some of my photographs.

We are grateful for all who have collected our art, big and small. It’s always an honor.

John Strazza and Peter Klein
Photo by: fashion photographer Udo Spreitzenbarthm.