Ampeg GV 22 Guitar Amp

Ampeg GV 22 guitar amp also known as Gemini 22

This terrific amp is on the market at $1200. I’ll happily listen to any reasonable offer.
Read more about this amp below to see if it’s a good fit for you.

My Ampeg GV-22

This amazing amp was bought brand new from a music store in West Orange. I don’t remember the store’s name because it was so long ago and I was so young. It was 1967 (give or take a little) and I was just a pre-teen. I had a cheap electric guitar and I pleaded (and pleaded and pleaded) with my dad to let me get an amp. Being the frugal man he was, he went to my savings account that he started for me, emptied it out, and there it was (again after much pleading) sitting in my kitchen one evening, a very cool brand new Ampeg Gemini-22.

This amp has been in my life ever since. It has a stunning sound, especially if you open it up and let it roar. It has 35 watts RMS, but it’s the most amazing 35 watts I have ever heard. It screams like a 100 watt amp and that’s not an exaggeration.

Yes it has a spring reverb, and some cool tremolo sounds. But it’s that opened up tube sound that’s so amazing. It has two 12″ heavy duty speakers with over-sized cone covers that are twice the size of others. I’m not sure why they are so large, but it has that sound so why question it? You can see the over-sized cone covers in the photographs included in this article.

Yes a few knobs are broken off. Everything is original except the ac plug end, and of course any new tubes that were replaced over the years. It’s a two channel amp with various switches for various types of tones, etc. There’s a little surface rust on the back of the amp head, nothing to worry about, in fact it’s age appropriate.

This amp has been well cared for, serviced when needed only by professionals, and in great shape. It has a stunning sound that’s hard to replicate with newer amps.

If you are looking for a great vintage amp, this one is hard to beat. 1967 (or so) Ampeg GV-22, two channel 35 watt RMS tube amp with spring reverb, tremolo, and foot switch.

Serious inquiries only.